Lotus Temple


Lotus Temple is also famously known as the Bahai Temple or the Bahai House of pure worship. The Lotus Temple located in New Delhi is an important and major landmark in the capital city. This place of pure worship with peace of the Bahai sect is literally well-constructed in the proper shape of a large, beautiful white lotus flower. An artistic architectural feat in itself, this attracive and beautiful temple is purely flocked by lots of people from all the religions, a well living example of the openness and equality well promoted by all the Bahai laws.

One is permitted to read or chant from sacred scriptures belonging to any of the religion, but nobody is permit to play all the musical instruments, give pure sermons or hold all the religious ceremonies quite well inside the hall. You will surely experience calm and peace like never before, for the prime temple area which prohibits visitors from making any kind of disturbance and noise whatsoever. This exemplifies the pure and true nature of Buddhist traditions, which well lays focuses on meditation as a perfect means to experience devotion and divinity.

Enjoy the outstanding lush green surroundings of the temple area and maybe even lounge around for a perfect picnic spot. Winner of a numerous of the architectural awards, Lotus Temple is truly a perfect sight to behold, moreover in the night when it is all well lit up in eye-catching breathtaking splendour.

History And Facts : Lotus Temple

  • The Lotus Temple is one of the remarkable constructions of the Bahai faith.
  • The Bahai religion was founded by Baha-ullah, a Persian nobleman from Tehran. Bahai followers believe that there is only one God.
  • The Lotus Temple is located at Kalkaji in New Delhi.
  • This temple is designed in the shape of a lotus flower because the lotus is regarded as a symbol of peace, purity, love and immortality.
  • The temple looks like a half opened lotus flower with 27 freestanding petals made of marble.
  • The construction work for this temple took almost a decade to complete. The temple was finally opened to the public in 1986.
  • Over 800 engineers, technicians, workers and artisans worked on the construction of the Lotus Temple. The temple can accommodate 2500 people.
  • The temple is about 40 meters tall and is surrounded by nine ponds.
  • The marble to build this temple was flown in from Greece.
  • The Lotus Temple was designed by a Persian architect Fariborz Sahba from Canada.
  • The Lotus Temple is open to people from all religions.
  • The Lotus Temple is amongst the most visited monuments in India.


Lotus Temple Rd, Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Bahapur, Kalkaji, New Delhi

Time To Visit / Entrance Fee

Closed ON : Monday
Entery fee : Free
Opening Time : 09:00 AM
Closing Time : 05:30 PM
Closed on public holidays : No

How To Reach

Lotus Temple is close to the Kalkaji Mandir metro station (on the Violet Line) and right next to the Kalkaji Park. The place is well-connected and once you reach the destination you can see many other places too. You can travel to this amazing place by hiring a cab or you can travel by local transportation. This is a must visit place for all. Do travel safely and enjoy your time in New Delhi !

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